It's been a while since we posted an update, but today was a noteworthy day... D-Day! Yes, Delivery Day of our Factory Five MkIV Roadster kit. Ever since we ordered the kit on October 24th, we've been hard at work getting the garage shop ready, building a frame dolly and body cart (rolling fixtures that will be needed during the build process) and thinking through and planning out a multitude of details of the build.

Even before we can start the build we had to solve the logistical challenge of how to get the kit delivered to the house. The large tractor-trailer that Stewart Transport uses to deliver kits cross-country is just too big to make it up the street to our house, so I enlisted the help of a local towing company with a large flatbed, and together we met the transport driver at the Hwy 9/Hwy 17 intersection and offloaded the kit and 30 boxes of parts onto the flatbed tow truck. A short time later everything was unloaded in our garage and the chassis was sitting on the four post lift.

Before we can begin the build process we have the terribly exciting (Not!) task of doing a thorough inventory of the thousands of parts in all those boxes to ensure we have everything. Once that's done, we'll be off and building! Stay tuned for more...

G3 (Greek Guy's Garage)